Author Guideline

The Borneo Planning and Development Journal is a six-monthly journal published every January and August. This journal publishes research articles and reviews articles in areas of urban and regional planning (see: Focus and Scope).

Writers/researchers want to submit article submission of research results must follow the provisions set by the editorial board of the journal in order to get into the review stage by reviewers. the general provisions of the submission of The Borneo Planning and Development Journal are as follows:

  • Create an account as a writer (author) in the Journal sub-website (can also add function as reader).
  • Submitted articles have not been published in any publication media.
  • Attach supporting files such as : statements of authenticity of writing and statements will not submit to other journals (on the page that has been provided).
  • Submitted article file formats are Microsoft Word, RTF document, or OpenOffice.
  • if you have a personal website, please write your URL completely (including: http: //).
  • detailed guidance on the format and conditions of this journal can be downloaded here: Writing Guidelines
  • template or sample journal format can be downloaded here: Journal Template

The basic provisions in submission to this Journal are as follows:

  • Create an account as a writer (author) on the sub-website of Your Healthy Journal (can also add function as reader).

This journal has general terms in writing for submissions. These provisions include article writing, writing formats, up to various essentials in journal books required by the journal editorial team. the basic provisions in this journal are as follows:

  1. The theme of the article should be in accordance with the focus & scope
  2. article content must conform to research ethical codes and scientific publications.
  3. This type of article can be the result of research, case study or literature study.
  4. Adjust the writing format with the journal submission guidelines that have been provided. The journal submission guidelines have been made in detail of the writing procedure to be followed.
  5. The number of pages ranges from six (6) to eight (8) pages.
  6. Title and abstract must be given English version. as for the format and position of writing is written clearly in the submission guidelines.
  7. The font used is Arial, with the provisions of the size for tittle (14), abstract and content (11), table title and picture (10), table contents (8), description of drawing and table (8).
  8. Writing format for content (excluding title, author name, abstract and keyword) column

Full journal submission guidelines for download here: Writing Guidelines
Journal templates can be downloaded here: Journal Template