Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Bahasa Indonesia

  • Husnul Hatimah Hatimah IAI Darussalam Martapura


Indonesian is a multifunctional language, namely as the state language and the language of instruction for education. Indonesian is used as a means of communication which is getting more stable nowadays. However, the presence of regional languages ​​and foreign languages ​​is a problem in Indonesian. So the problem of language development and development needs to be a concern. Language coaching and development are efforts and activities aimed at maintaining and developing a language so that it can fulfill the function and position of the language. The position and function of Indonesian is divided into two, namely as a national language and as a state language. As a national language, it includes: as a symbol of national pride, a symbol of national identity, and as a unifying tool and liaison between regions. Meanwhile, as a state language, it includes the official language of the state, the language of instruction for education and the language of cultural development, science and technology. Language development and coaching has important objectives, namely: fostering a positive attitude, increasing language passion and improving the quality of language use. So to achieve this goal, it is necessary to have a role and effort in fostering and developing the Indonesian language. Certain parties are entrusted with being role models in the development and development of the Indonesian language.



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