• Cenna Atiayni Universitas Lambung Mangkurat


The title of this research is Figurative Meaning in the Lyrics of Fiersa Besari’s Song “ Garis Terdepan”. Songs are a series of tones combined with harmonious rhythms and complemented by poems that form a beautiful harmonization and of course songs are almost always heard by all groups, ranging from children, adolescents, adults, and even parents. This research aims to analyze the figurative meaning in the song. Figurative meaning is the application of figurative language or metaphors involving comparisons or similes that are useful for presenting ideas or ideas in a non-literal way, with the aim of providing a deeper understanding or a stronger picture. This research contains the meaning contained in the lyrics of Fiersa Besari’s song “Garis Terdepan”. This research uses a qualitative analysis method with data collection through library sources and the song lyrics themselves, Researchers collect data by listening to the song carefully, noting important words and sentences, and finding that this song contains various figurative meanings, so that listeners of the song can find out the meaning of the figurative sentences contained in the song “Garis Terdepan” and can help in adding vocabulary to know the figurative parts that are sung and can be an inspiration in making other works by using figurative sentences to describe something with a more creative meaning.


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