Author Guideline

Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Science is a semiannual journal (published twice a year which is published every August and February). This journal publishes research and theoritical review articles in the field of pharmaceutical sciences (see: Focus and Scope).

Writers / researchers want to submit article submission research results must follow the provisions set by the editorial team for writing can enter the review stage until published in the latest edition. The general provisions of the this Journal submission are as follows:


  • Creating an account as a writer (author) in sub-website of Your  Journal (can also add functions as a reader).
  • Articles submitted have not been published in any publication media.
  • Attach a Certificate of Ethics from the relevant institutional ethics commission (on the page provided).
  • Submitted article file formats are Microsoft Word, RTF document, or OpenOffice.
  • If you have a personal website, please write the complete URL (including: http: //).
  • The manuscript can be written both in Indonesian or English. Detailed guidance on the format and conditions in this journal can be downloaded here: Author Guideline).